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A flurry of events in October:

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hosted this year on Sundays, November 13 and 20, 2022

Visit our PFF page for more information


November 13 at 6:30 pm

(2022, dir. Marta Minorowicz)

In the story of a Mother dealing with her daughter's disappearance, the film heighlights the strenght of human spirit and search for balance between acceptance and harmony against tragic circumstances.





November 20 at 1:30 pm

(2022, dir. Anna Kazejak)

A group of friends with their children go on a traditional long weekend trip on the Danish island of Bornholm. An incident between children will trigger a wave of crises in their relationship.



November 20 at 4:00 pm

BLACK SHEEP (Czarna Owca)
(2021, dir. Aleksander Pietrzak)

A heartfelt comedy that follow a married couple taking care of a sick grandfather and living with their son. Then the family's life implodes after Magda makes a life-changing decision to disclose to her husband of 25 years that she prefers women.





November 20 at 6:30 pm

(2021, dir. Bartosz Blaschke)

A 14-year old boy discovers that he was misdiagnosed with autism due to a hearing loss. With support from his parents and an auditory implant, he discovers his talent as a musician.



OCTOBER 8th, 12-6pm

Come to celebrate Allens Centennial Garden's harvest of crops grown in the African American, indigenous and  Hmong traditions.  UW–Madison students will be on hand to share information about food and garden traditions from various cultures, including Polish. The event will also feature storytelling, music and dance 2016 Polish Fest- with the performance of Polish Syrena Dancers from Milwaukee (ca 2:30pm). This is also a great opportunity to visit the impressive botanical garden named after Ethel Allen, an internationally renowned naturalist and botanist. The education-focused garden serves the instructional needs of the UW Horticulture Department.

Reminder: Polish Center of Wisconsin hosts a PCW Café on every Wednesday (4-8pm).2021 PCW Cafe 01Details in our calendar entry.

OCTOBER 8th, 7pm
Grażyna Auguścik Jazz Quintet

Known to Madison audiences from her past fantastic performances in Cafe Coda, Grażyna Auguścik returns to Madison with four renowned Chicago musicians: guitarists John Kregor and Matt Gold, bassist Matt Ulery and drummer John Deitemeyer. This promises to be an evening to remember as Grażyna is one of the most intriguing vocalists on today’s world jazz scene.2022 Augucik by Andryszkiewicz She is known for the style that challenges traditional definitions of jazz and a knack for taking listeners into uncharted territories. Besides her own compositions, jazz standards, and pop classics, Grazyna performs also interpretations of Polish folk songs and classical  works of Frederic Chopin and Witold Lutoslawski.

OCTOBER 10th, 12 and 14th
Tyrone Greive and Michael Keller concerts

Another opportunity to "experience the incomparable joys of live, in-person music making" comes with three concerts by the Greive & Keller duo. Both performers are retired UW faculty and Tyrone Greive is also an PHC Honorary Member.  The beautiful music on the menu will contrast different national styles and include compositions of W. A. Mozart, Antonín Dvořák, Clara Schumann, Lili Boulanger and Grażyna Bacewicz, one of Poland’s most important early 20 th-century composers.

Additionally, the program on October 10th (Oakwood) and 12th (Capitol Lakes) will include three Polish selections: arrangements of the introspective Nocturne in C-sharp minor, op. posth. (1830) and the elegantly lilting Mazurka in A minor, op. 67, no. 4 (1846) by pianist-composer Frédérick Chopin and the exotically-flavored Fantaisie Orientale, op. 24 (1876) by the famous violinist-composer Henryk Wieniawski, as well as transcriptions of distinctly American flavored music from George Gershwin’s opera ‘Porgy and Bess’ (1935).

November 8 on WORT
The archived broadcast of about 1.5 hours of the contemporary folk music can be enjoyed on the archives of the "Global Revolutions" show through November 22, 2021.

November 11 at 7pm in Cafe Coda2021 Chopin Carribean poster
This two-part event is held to celebrate Poland's Independence Day observed on November 11th. The CHOPIN IN JAZZ part features the performance of Chicago artists, Grażyna Auguścik (vocals) and Paul Bedal (piano).  The jazz session will follow the screening of CHOPIN. CARRIBEAN KEY (Polish title,  Antyle Chopina), a documentary exploring Chopin's influence on the music and local culture of Curaçao. In particular, the "Carribean Mazurka" created under this influence became a national dance of the island. The movie director, Agnieszka Lipiec-Wróblewska, will be present to answer questions.

November 11 at 7pm, Chopin NocturnesFrdric Chopin by Bisson 1849 e4
Trevor Stephenson returns with two classes focussing this year on Chopin's nocturnes.  The classes can be attended virtually but a limited number of seatings is available for attendance in person.The second class of the series is scheduled for 7pm on November 18.  

Crowning Trevor Stephenson's offerings for this season is the concert featuring a selection of Chopin's waltzes and nocturnes. With options for attending virtually or in person, the concert is scheduled for 3 pm on Sunday, November 21

Frdric Chopin by Bisson 1849 e4

November 16, 7pm
Switching gears into the themes of love for animals and daring missions behind the enemy lines undertaken to rescue the magnificent thoroughbred horses successflly bred in Poland since the late 17th century, the PHC Book Club gathers to discuss "The Perfect Horse" witten by Elizabeth Letts. The title works along multiple lines, from the scientific theories of breeding to the German Nazi obsession with racial purity, while the whole book reminds us that "sometimes humans can come together and put aside their enmities to preserve international and cultural treasures on behalf of generations to come." The book also seems to be "destined for cinematic treatment," and this brings us to the next item on the November schedule.


November 14, 3pm and 5:30pm at Union South
This is the first day of Madison Polish Film Festival that enters the 31st year of its existence nd continuing popularity. Here are the first two movies screened this year:

2021 Sweat Poster

November 14 at 3 pm

(2020, dir. Magnus van Horn, 1hour 46 minutes)

Beloved fitness influencer Sylwia seemingly has it made: hundreds of thousands of social media followers, endorsement deals, photo spreads in magazines. But as she starts to share more and more online, the rising pressure from concerned sponsors and increasingly obsessive fans forces her to confront her deepest insecurities and the exhaustive demands of her lifestyle.



November 14 at 5:30 pm

(2020, dir. Mariusz Wilczyński)

Fleeing from despair after losing those dearest to him, a man hides in a safe land of memories, where time stands still and all those dear to him are still alive.


 November 21, 3pm and 5:30pm at Vilas Hall
Movies screened on the second day of Madison Polish Film Festival

2021 Sweat Poster

November 21 at 3 pm

(2020, dir. Kinga Dębska)

...In the room behind the wall, my parents – Tadek and Elzbieta – live their married life. He is a constantly humiliated intelligent by the system who silently envies his prosperous brother-in-law. She is the president of the company’s “Solidarity” with the need for freedom and a dream to finally break out of Poland. However, the real emotions for the whole family will start when the dream orange Fiat 126p stands under the block...



November 21 at 5:30 pm

(2021, dir. Jan P. Matuszyński)

Poland, 1983. The country is shaken by the case of Grzegorz Przemyk — a high school student beaten to death by militia. Based on true events, the film follows the story of Jurek — the only witness of the beating, who overnight became the number one enemy of the state. The oppressive regime used its whole apparatus — the secret service, militia, the media and the courts — to squeeze Jurek and other people close to the case, including his parents and Przemyk’s mother, Barbara.



This special exhibition portrays the development of Nazism in Germany, the barbaric nature of German occupation of Poland and the horrific history of the camp. Established as the instrument of terror against Polish civilians, in 1942 the camp became the largest site of the extermination of the Jews and consequently, the symbol of Holocaust.

Special exhibition created in the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Poland, on lease through the Polish American Congress, Long Island Division.

Gallery 1308 at Union South, 1308 W Dayton St., Madison, WI 537155

November 17, 2019 at 3PM and 5:30 PM

3 PM: MISTER P (original title Pan T) 103 minutes

5:30 PM: PLAYING HARD (original title Zabawa Zabawa) 88 minutes

2019 Kapuściński

November 19, 2019 at 7 PM

The PHC Book Club meets to discuss

Ryszard Kapuściński: A Life

Original title: Kapuściński Non-Fiction

by Artur Domosławski

The Guardian: "Kapuściński" has long been one of Poland's few internationally recognised names, comparable to "Miłosz" or "Polanski". His vivid literary reporting of the uses and misuses of power, in the books The Emperor, The Soccer War and Shah of Shahs, was widely read in the 1980s and beyond, partly because of the author's unique position (a star reporter emerging from the darkness of communist Poland, then in the midst of martial law after a failed workers revolt) but mainly for its unusual style – personal, meticulous, literary, digressive...."

November 24, 2019 at 3PM and 5:30 PM

3 PM: TAXING LOVE (original title Podatek od miłości) 101 minutes

5:30 PM: CLERGY (original title Kler) 133 minutes

Check our calendar for more events

Do you know Poland


Olga Tokarczuk wins the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature "for a narrative imagination that with encyclopedic passion represents the crossing of boundaries as a form of life."

As remarked in the bibliographical notes on the Nobel Prize website, Tokarchuk "constructs her novels in a tension between cultural opposites; nature versus culture, reason versus madness, male versus female, home versus alienation. And this is only possible if both poles are anchored in the narrative."

2021 PCW Cafe 01

Reminder: Polish Center of Wisconsin hosts a PCW Café on every Wednesday (4-8pm).
Details in our calendar entry.

MAY 3, 1791
230 Anniversary
From Poland to Chicago
Irena Frączek reports

The 2021 Polish Constitution Day marked the 230th anniversary of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's Sejm passing the Governance Act (pl. Ustawa Rządowa) on May 3, 1791. Forged at the time of grave dangers facing the country, this remarkable document was Europe's first written democratic constitution and the world's second after the Constitution of the United States (1789). The Constitution of May 3rd remained in effect barely for about 19 months. It also failed to spare Poland from losing its sovereignty. Yet, it became a timeless symbol of democratic ideals, just society and liberty aspirations. As such, it helped to keep alive the dream of independence that ultimately saved the nation.

The 2021 Polish Constitution Day marked the 230th anniversary of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's Sejm passing the Governance Act (pl. Ustawa Rządowa) on May 3, 1791. Forged at the time of grave dangers facing the country, this remarkable document was Europe's first written democratic constitution and the world's second after the Constitution of the United States (1789). The Constitution of May 3rd remained in effect barely for about 19 months. It also failed to spare Poland from losing its sovereignty (for 123 years as it turned out later). Yet, it became a timeless symbol of democratic ideals, just society and liberty aspirations. As such, it helped to keep alive the dream of independence that ultimately saved the nation.


February 11th? Or February 16th?
Why not celebrate PĄCZKI DAY on both days?

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out why...

On February 28th, 2021
submissions are due for the contest

░D░o░░y░o░u░ ░k░n░o░w░

Sponsored by Polish American Congress-Wisconsin Division, the contest challenges all to give their knowledge of Polish heritage a test by identifying images on the new cover of the "Do You Know Poland?" booklet.

Do you know Poland

► download the booklet here ◄


Click here for the submission rules and more info about the contest

Wouldn't it be nice if the winner emerged from our club?

On February 18th at 4pm,
all are invited to the lecture
sponsored by CREECA and our club

by Prof. Donald Pienkos

Visit the event's calendar page
for more information about the lecture and links to registration & suplemental materials provided by the speaker (registration required)

On February 18th at 11am,
Polish music funs can join the webinar sponsored by Copernicus Center for Polish Studies at MU to hear Prof. Maciej Lewenstein detangling the arcane world of

Free Improvisation and Jazz Avant-Garde in Poland:
From Tomasz Stańko to Mikołaj Trzaska

Visit the event's calendar page
for more info and to register

On February 24th at 1pm,
  learn details of the September 2021 trip to Poland during event IT'S TIME TO TRAVEL held in  Polish Center of Wisconsi

View the event's PDF flier
for more information

In a series of lectures recorded on the invitation from the Polish Center of WI, Prof. NEAL PEASE (UW-Milwaukee) explains how

2021PCW lecture

2021 KF galleryThe Kosciuszko Foundation Gallery listed in the Do You Know Poland booklet is now open for virtual tours.

The gallery showcases works by great Polish painters including Jan Matejko, Józef Chełmoński, Jacek Malczewski, Wojciech Kossak, Tade Styka, Józef Brandt, Władysław T. Benda and others.

The gallery is located in the Van Alen Mansion, one of the NYC's architectural treasures, the KF home since 1945.

Click here - or on the image above -
to enter the gallery.

Poland Through the Centuries:
Who, What, Where, When?

In a series of lectures recorded on the invitation from the Polish Center of WI, Prof. NEAL PEASE (UW-Milwaukee) explains how much Poland, and the very idea of Polishness, has changed over the centuries

Click here - or on the image below -
to view first the lecture2021PCW lecture


From the Kosciuszko Foundation FB page, here comes an extraordinary online report from the journey along the frontiers of pre-war Poland - including the territories of today's Poland (Kashubia, Greater Poland, Silesia), through the Czech Republic and Ukraine, to Belarus, Latvia, and Lithuania.

"The journey is not about stone pillars, but ordinary people who, despite the atrocities of the 20th century, were trying to survive on the erased border,"
say authors Tomasz Grzywaczewski and Kaja Grzywaczewska.

Begin the journey here


Fat Thursday (Tłusty Czwartek) is the real Pączki Day in Poland. This feast begins the last stretch of carnival - six final days called in Poland ostatki. Polish media consistently estimate that Poles consume about 100 milion pączki on this special day. The uncontested favorites are pączki filled with rose petal jam.

This period of intense carnival partying and food feasting ends in Poland with Śledzik (literally meaning "A Little Herring").  Known in English as Herring Day or Herring Night, this is the last Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent) and its name comes from the lean herring dish being served as the harbinger of the upcoming 40 days of fasting.

The Pączki Day in the United States is usually celebrated on Fat Tuesday (or Mardi Grass), called also the Shrove Tuesday. However, the large Polish community in Chicago (IL) celebrates the Pączki Day on both Fat Thursday and Fat Tuesday, while Buffalo (NY) has perhaps the largest Fat Thursday events outside of Poland.

This year Fat Thursday falls on February 11th and Fat Tuesday on February 16th. These dates change every year as they are counted back from the movable date of Easter Sunday depending on the Moon cycles (first Sunday after the first Full Moon occurring on or after the vernal equinox).

But whether on Fat Thursday (February 11) or Fat Tuesday (February 16th), have a wonderful Pączki Day 2021

paczki day


January 26, 2021 at 7 pm
PHC BOOK Club meets to discuss

by James Conroyd Martin

The author will attend the meeting

From GoodReads: " Engaging and opulent, THE WARSAW CONSPIRACY unfolds as a family saga set against the November Rising (1830-1831), partitioned Poland’s daring challenge to the Russian Empire. Brilliantly iIlustrating the psyche of a people determined to reclaim independence in the face of monumental odds, the story portrays two brothers and their fates in love and war.

VISIT THE PHC BOOK PAGE for more information

The 32nd edition of the POLISH FILM FESTIVAL in Chicago has started on November 7th and continues through November 22nd. Unable to travel to Chicago? The streaming passes are still available at the festival website:
►festival schedule◄
►the list of movies◄

Through November 18, Polish Film Festival in Miami streams four documentaries in a series
a cinematic journey through the pristine beauty and rich culture of the region. Streaming is free but you need to create an account at the PFFM website.

Do Something Polish to celebrate


October is Polish Heritage Month, a month in which Americans of Polish descent (about 10 million strong) are especially proud of their roots, Polish achievements and over 400 years of their presence in the lands of the contemporary USA.

Some fun and interesting things to do in October 2020 are listed below
this short account of how come October became the Polish Heritage Month.

From President Reagan's Proclamation 5229 signed on August 17, 1984:
The millions of Americans who trace their ancestry to Poland have made vast contributions to our Nation. Tadeusz Kościuszko and Kazimierz Pułaski crossed the ocean to help the American colonies win their independence. Throughout the last two centuries, thousands of Polish Americans have fought bravely to help preserve that independence. Polish Americans have also made outstanding contributions in the arts, the sciences, and in industry and agriculture. Through these efforts they have helped in innumerable ways to establish a strong and free United States.

The story goes back to the first celebration of Polish Heritage that took place in Philadelphia in August 1981. The event was organized by Michael Blichasz, the President of the Polish American Cultural Center in Philadelphia, with assistance of Polish American Congress, Eastern Pennsylvania District (and since 1986, the national Polish American Congress).

Amid the event's rising popularity, growing national interest and succeful lobbying, U.S. Representative Robert Borski (D-PA-03) sponsored House Joint Resolution 577 aiming to designate the month of August as "Polish American Heritage Month." The H.J.R 577 became public law after President Ronald Reagan signed it on August 7, 1984.

Just ten days later, he issued Proclamation 5229 in observance of this occasion and paying tribute to four great sons of the Polish nation: Tadeusz Kościuszko, Kazimierz Pułaski, Pope John Paul II and Lech Wałęsa.

President Reagan continued to issue similar proclamations every year through the end of his presidency but in 1986, the Polish American Heritage Month was moved to October. This was done partly to help schools organize celebrations during the school year, and in part to coincide with the arrival of the first Polish settlers in Jamestown, Virginia on October 1, 1608 (twelve years before the Pilgrims reached the Massachusetts). October is also the time to commemorate the deaths of Polish heroes of the American fight for independence: Kazimierz Pułaski (October 11, 1779) and Tadeusz Kościuszko (October 15, 1817).

Some fun and interesting things to do in October 2020

"Poland: A History of Political Elections and Important Anniversaries"
A three part course offered by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Lectures are delivered on October 6, 13 and 20 via Zoom. For cost and other details, visit the event's page in our calendar.

A Polish Mistress of the Brush: OLGA BOZNAŃSKA, a Kosciuszko Foundation webinar about one of the most renowned Polish female painters taking place on October 7 , recording is now available on youtube .

October 8th is the National Pierogi Day in the United States.

Talking about the Polish food, a new round of the FLAVOR of POLAND episodes airs on Saturdays at 12pm on the flagship Wisconsin PBS channel (WPT-1). The series is also broadcast in lower resolution on the Create (WPT-3) channel on Mondays at 11 am and 3 pm, with repeats on Saturdays at 10 pm.
Our club is a proud sponsor of the series.

Meet Krzysztof Meyer, one of the greatest modern Polish composers invited to deliver the 2020 PENDERECKI LECTURE-RECITAL, in the renewned Polish Music Center in California. This annual event commemorates Ignacy Jan Paderewski (1860-1941), a pianist, composer, politician (the first prime minist-freeer of independent Poland after WWI), humanitarian, and orator, who was greatly acclaimed as a virtuoso musician and a statesman. Links to pages with lots of information available on the lecture's page in our calendar.

Tune in to hear the MadPolka DJ Szymon Woźniczka spinning some awesome Polish music between 9am - 12pm on October 12 and October 26.

On October 13th, Milwaukee's Jewish Museum hosts a virtual tour of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, Poland. A Q&A session follows this guided tour.Visit our calendar page
for more information.

Between October 1 and November 18, Polish Film Festival Miami (PFFM) streams a documentary series GET TO KNOW POLAND: PODKARPACKIE, a cinematic journey through the pristinplee beauty and rich culture of the region:
Open Range/Wypasiony Raj (2017) by Rafał Gużkowski
The Residents of Moczary/Moczarowi mieszkańcy (2016) by Rafał Gużkowski
Master and Apprentice/Mistrz i uczeń (2020) by Katarzyna Mazurkiewicz
The Armorer Must be a Musician/Płatnerz musi być muzykiem (2017)
by Katarzyna Mazurkiewicz

Streaming is free but you need to create an account at the PFFM website.



Click on the image to download the PCW event flyer.

Polish Flag Day and Day of Polonia

The main events held in Milwaukee and Chicago:

May 2 at 12pm Polish Flag Day and Polish Diaspora Day Celebration (Uroczystości Dnia Flagi RP oraz Dnia Polonii i Polaków za Granicą), Daley Plaza in Chicago, IL.

May 2 at 6pm The 1791 Constitution Celebrated through Words, Music and Imagery (Konstytucja 1791 świętowana słowem, muzyką i obrazem), Veterans Room, Polish Center of Wisconsin (PCW) in Franklin, WI.

All are invited to this free event sponsored by the Milwaukee Society of the Polish National Alliance in cooperation with the Polish Center of Wisconsin and support of the Polish American Congress – Wisconsin Division. Speaking at the event will be David R. Zepecki and Donald Pienkos, Prof. Emeritus of Political Science. Highlights will include the music of Fryderyk Chopin performed by Francis T. Wasielewski and the showing of posters created by the Polish Center to tell the May 3rd Constitution story (click on the image to download the flyer)

From the 1999 Senate Joint Resolution 11: Whereas, the democratic and Western−oriented ideals inherent in the first Polish Constitution live on today within a citizenry that has played a leading role in bringing an end to Communism in Eastern Europe and in the country that was the Soviet Union and whose elected representatives are presently at work building a new societal system based on the precepts of political liberty linked in spirit to Poland’s historic values as embodied in the Polish Constitution of 1791; now, therefore, be it Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the legislature of the state of Wisconsin recognizes the contribution of the Polish Constitution to the advancement of democracy and freedom by proclaiming May 3rd of every year, “Trzeciego Maja Day” in the state of Wisconsin and invites all citizens to join their fellow Wisconsinites of Polish descent in celebrating Polish Constitution Day, “Trzeciego Maja”.

Parada 3 maja LOGO

May 7 at 11:30pm
– Polish Constitution Day Parade under the motto “Freedom and Peace for All!” (“Wolność i Pokój dla Świata!”) will march down the Columbus Drive in Chicago, between Balbo Drive
and Monroe Street.


Unleashed on February 24, 2020, the Russian invasion on Ukraine created a humanitarian crisis of immense proportions. Over one million refuges have already arrived to the neighbouring countries but according to some estimates, this number can soon reach 4 million. Poland became a destination for over half of the refuges from Ukraine and judging by this proportion, the numbers might increase to 2 million.

The country of our ancestors responded with an astounding generosity to Ukrainians fleeing the war. So far over 500,000 refuges have poured into Poland and they have been welcomed with compassion and assistance offered by various branches of government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), businesses, and individual citizens – many housing the refuges in their own homes.

But the task is enormous and more help is needed...Here are some options to make donations for aiding the refugees and their selfless helpers back in Poland:


The PAC Radiothon flier.

The POLONIA FOR UKRAINE fund was established by the Polish American Congress (PAC) to collect donations for serving medical needs in Ukraine and refugee needs in Poland. The funds will be distributed through the Council on Aid to Ukrainians and the Polish Red Cross. Here is a link for donating over the internet by credit card, debit or PayPal.

Donations can be also sent by checks  or called in at (773) 763-3343 during the PAC Radiothon aired on WPNA 103.1 FM on Friday March 11, Saturday March 12 and Sunday March 1st.

Another option is the POLANDS UKRAINIAN ASSISTANCE FUND established in the Polish Center of Wisconsin in Franklin WI. Avoiding the overhead costs, all monetary donations submitted to this fund (by credit card or Paypal) will go directly to the trusted people providing relief "on the ground zero" in Poland.

The HELP UKRAINE NOW fund, set up by the NYC-based Kosciuszko Foundation under the motto "Stand With Ukraine: For Your Freedom & Ours, " adopted a similar mode of funds distribution. In fact, the foundation's president is working in person on the Polish-Ukrainian border and among other deeds, has opened to the refugees his own house located close to the border.

To round off the list of choices, the Embassy of Poland in Washington D.C. suggests sending donations to these Polish humanitarian aid organizations that accept donations in foreign currences:

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